Our Proposal

The I’ONE idea came up in 2011, on a trip to the south of France, Isadora spent a few months in Nice, Grasse and throughout the Cotê d’Azur region. So much poetry and magic in one place made Isadora have an innovative idea, to transform people’s personality into a unique and exclusive perfume.
That same year, Isadora started training in the south of France to turn her dream into reality.

After years of study and dedication, an exclusive creative methodology (I’ONE Unique®) was developed, where Isadora captures essential information from each client, and with all her knowledge, she transforms the essence of each person into an exclusive fragrance.

The brand was launched in November 2019 with the purpose of transforming the client’s personality and history into Art, and is a pioneer in this exclusive model of development and creation in Brazil. I’ONE has a variety of more than 300 essences, mostly natural essential oils, with aromatherapy properties, which provide experiences and benefits never felt before.


Provide the opportunity to reconnect with your inner self, talking about yourself, about tastes, preferences or events that have marked your life, a true encounter with your emotions that, after this stage, you will immerse yourself in an olfactory experience of being enchanted , and you will enjoy a fragrance developed exclusively for you – a unique moment that brings many emotions and memories.


• Creation and development of personal perfumes.
• Creation and development of exclusive products for homes, brands and events (Olfactory and visual identity, such as: candles, homespray, flavorings and perfumes).
• Line products.

I’ONE wants to get to know you,
so what is your essence?

My Exclusive

Richness in
the details


• The care in this stage was, mainly: Finding a solution that would accompany all the elegance of the brand in a timeless manner, and express the uniqueness of the product, for men or women.

• Several formats were tested, for years, until Isadora found and today carries out annual imports of bottles coming directly from the United Arab Emirates, an elegant bottle, polished by hand - it is a rare jewel.

• As a finish to the bottle, and as a result of the concept of being unique, the brand's personalized products accompany the initial of the customer's name fixed by a wax seal, melted individually and in the customer's preferred color - thus consolidating the unique identity in each developed perfume.

• But what exactly does this stamp represent? In the past, the seal was used in letters from the high court in order to keep confidential and extremely important information confidential. Thus, the wax seal in exclusive perfumes, represents that the formula is a secret between the client and the perfumer, and its composition will not be divulged or shared.

• In addition to taking great care in the development and creation of the ideal bottle, Isadora also developed the so-called “Caixa Livro”, to which her perfume is delivered, representing that the client's story was the inspiration for the development and creation of her own perfume. So much care and inspiration, it resulted in an innovative product, with a unique affective value.