The Perfumer

Pleased to meet you, I am Isadora Spinhardi, a pharmacist with an MBA in project management from FGV and over the years I have acquired extensive experience within the pharmaceutical industry, in sectors such as Quality Assurance and New Project Management. However, my passion has always been perfumery and so I decided to follow my dream and pursue a specialization in perfumery at the ASFO / Grasse Institute of Perfumery school, located in the south of France.

I’One came to me in 2011, started as an idea, which became a dream, and became my goal, I can say that the launch in 2019 was a great achievement, but we’re just getting started.

I have always believed that people are unique, singular, with unique stories and personalities.

I decided to follow my dream

It is extremely inspiring to meet different people, every day, and to be able to transform that inspiration into a unique and exclusive essence. While I never liked comfort, developing different formulas every day is extremely challenging, but the cool thing is that I have never felt so satisfied professionally. I always looked for a job that allowed me not only to use my studies and knowledge, but also that I could put all my heart and soul into this product ... and I found it!

People get emotional when they receive the perfume, because it is much more than a product, it is a story, it carries a great emotional value and, consequently, they make them feel unique and special - as we all are and we should feel every day .